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Ear Level Marketing is a full-service marketing company that provides transparency in pricing and reasonable rates. We offer affordable websites for only $129 per month, along with pay per click, social media campaign setup, automated patient mail and voice mail marketing - all at competitive rates!

Founded by a hearing care practice owner, we understand your practice, your patients, and how to communicate with your marketplace.

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A great website doesn't have to break the bank. As hearing care specific marketing experts, we have the industry knowledge, as well as a firm grip on your patient's journey before and after they enter your office. Our websites are designed for response and return on investment, and are perfect for serving as the central piece of your digital presence in the world.

SMS, Email, Voicemail, and Call Tracking Systems

from $85 per month

Have you ever wished you could integrate your call tracking system with your other telephony? Our SMS, email, voicemail, and call tracking systems can be integrated with each other to provide you with a complete picture of your patient's communication. By integrating our call tracking system with your other telephony, you can keep track of all your patient's communication in one place. Try our SMS, email, voicemail, and call tracking systems for yourself.

Monthly Blog Posts

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As a business owner, you know that content is important for your website's SEO. Our monthly blog post service is a great way to get quality, custom content for your website every month without having to lift a finger. For only $85 per month, you can have 500 words of custom written content delivered to your inbox every month. Sign up now and start receiving monthly blog posts in the next week!

Direct Mail Marketing

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Are you looking for a more efficient way to generate new leads and keep your existing patients coming back? Automated direct mail is a great solution for practices that want to improve their patient retention and increase their new patient acquisition. With automated direct mail, you can easily manage your direct mail campaigns and always have a full schedule. Try automated direct mail today and see the results for yourself.

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If you're a hearing care practice owner who is frustrated by overpriced industry specific vendors and local agencies who just don't "get it",, then Ear Level Marketing is for you.

We offer affordable, effective marketing solutions that are tailored to the hearing care industry.

Take control of your bottom line and your community messaging with Ear Level Marketing.

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Local SEO - The Most Important Type of Search Engine Optimization for Audiology Practices

January 30, 20234 min read

When it comes to marketing an audiology practice, one of the most important strategies is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a process that improves a website's visibility and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) like Google. It can be broken down into three distinct categories: On Site SEO, Off Site SEO, and Local SEO. In this article, we'll take a deeper look at each type of SEO and explore why local SEO is often the most important when it comes to promoting an audiology practice.

On Site SEO

On Site SEO focuses on optimizing the content of a website by utilizing keywords related to the practice’s services. This includes changing titles and meta descriptions to ensure they are keyword-rich, writing content that contains those same keywords in a natural way, and ensuring all images contain alt tags with relevant phrases. Other elements such as URLs structure, internal linking, user experience design, usage of schema markup, page loading speed optimization also come into play when optimizing for on site SEO. All of these techniques are focused on helping search engines easily crawl through your website so that it can be displayed prominently in SERPs for searches related to your services.

Off Site SEO

Off Site SEO mainly consists of link building activities which involve obtaining links from other websites pointing back to your own website. These links act as signals to search engines suggesting the relevance and quality of both your practice’s website and content published by it. Link building activities typically include guest blogging on other websites in close niches or industries related to your own services, sharing curated content created by other websites or influencers across all social networks contributing towards link signals aiming at increasing your referral traffic and ultimately ‘authority status’ - something Google looks at since its last major algorithm update ("Penguin").

Local SEO

Local SEO is often considered one of the most important types of search engine optimization for local businesses such as audiology practices. This type of optimization focuses on improving visibility for businesses within their service area or geographical location with techniques such as listing in online directories, claiming business listings on online review sites such as Yelp!, submitting articles about the business or service offerings to local newspapers or websites with high local exposure (local blogs etc.), and creating profiles/listings in geographically relevant social networks like FourSquare or Facebook Places Pages & Business Pages connected with Facebook Ads targeting exact geographic areas matching your target customers reach you (such as cities/towns within certain radii).

Many people assume that Off Site and On Site optimization are more important than local because they involve higher cost investments compared to setting up listings & business profiles but what many do not understand is the importance behind Local – making sure the right people find you physically before they ever have an opportunity to visit you virtually! By having visibility in local SERPs you give potential patients a chance find out about you first before exploring what customers are saying about you elsewhere around the web due to improved physical proximity features added recently by major search engine players like Google & Bing making sure information appears faster when someone searches using location-based phrases involving locations nearby.. Additionally performing some basic local directory submissions will improve your web presence from both authority & trust points which again contribute heavily towards overall rankings across SERPs!

For a single local business like an audiology practice, implementing local SEO offers immediate returns that can help pay for routine maintenance associated with offsite activities such as link acquisition & technical aspects associated with onsite optimization and may even increase cash flow if done properly because it makes sure people who need hearing care receive information about how they can get help quickly providing them better convenience & arguably better patient care outcome resulting from faster access!

At Ear Level Marketing our mission is simple: To provide hearing care practitioners with effective digital marketing solutions that drive tangible results while enabling them to deliver world class customer experiences aligned with their core values. We utilize a comprehensive combination of all three types of search engine optimization – On Site , Off Site , & Local -to ensure maximum visibility for our client’s businesses without compromising any ethical principles associated with professional delivery standards expected throughout our industry leading providers network!

Dusty Potter is a second generation Hearing Instrument Specialist. He has been a practice owner since 2007, and after much frustration with office management systems and digital marketing firms in the hearing care space, he has founded both Ear Level Marketing and amplifyOMS, while still maintaining his own healthy practice in Wichita Falls, TX.

Dusty Potter

Dusty Potter is a second generation Hearing Instrument Specialist. He has been a practice owner since 2007, and after much frustration with office management systems and digital marketing firms in the hearing care space, he has founded both Ear Level Marketing and amplifyOMS, while still maintaining his own healthy practice in Wichita Falls, TX.

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